The Hudson Valley Food Hall opened at 288 Main Street as the first of its kind in Beacon and the region. Opening our doors meant undiscovered or hard to find culinary visionaries were able to put pins down. To Food Hall is the one destination in Beacon on Main Street where you will find delicious food from all over the world. And don’t blink, because the menus change and special offerings are made when new ideas spark.

Several of our eateries offer ordering online, so you can order ahead and easily walk down. Located in the middle of Main Street, you will find something for the whole family, or shopping group, hiking pals, or office friends. Or just bring yourself! You have friends here.

The communal environment of the Hudson Valley Food Hall has created a supportive community among the chefs and vendors. This environment allows new and experienced chefs to experiment with different cuisines and dishes, while also allowing them to receive feedback and support from their fellow vendors.

The Food Hall provides a unique dining experience, with a range of different foods and flavors that are not often found in traditional restaurants. Available for Private Parties in the upstairs mezzanine, contact us about your event and we can providing pricing.

Overall, the Hudson Valley Food Hall has become a hub for culinary innovation and creativity in the region. Its success has not only benefited the chefs and vendors who work there, but has also had a positive impact on the local economy and community.