Helping clients begin their relationships on a strong foundation, create and protect their families, end their relationships with dignity, and purchase and sell their homes.

Family & LGBTQ+ Law

Family Law is the area of the law that governs the formation and dissolution of relationships and the creation and protection of families. Our goal is to establish a framework and guide our clients through the legal requirements while, at the same time, empowering them to take the reins. Our approach can best be summed up as, “You know your relationship/family best, and you know best how it should begin, end, or grow.” With our solutions-oriented approach, we work to protect our clients at the outset of their relationships or when their relationships end, but do so without being needlessly adversarial. Mediation is a large part of our practice and for many clients is a better approach. While we work with everyone, we have an in-depth knowledge of the legal needs specific to the LGBTQ+ community.